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Data-Science for Hiring

Use data to quickly find the best talent for your organisation

Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources

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  • Narrow down your shortlist of candidates - based on what really matters
  • Reduce unconscious bias in your selection process
  • Focus on the candidates who will fit your culture
  • Increase average tenure in high-volume roles
  • Find out what actually drives success in your company

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Spend less time screening through resumes, and more time connecting with your best candidates. PredictiveHire's pre-screening tool helps you pick out the candidates that will thrive in your company. 

And it's all based on data and science.

With our tool, you'll be able to...

... without changing existing ATS and HR Systems!

How does it work?

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Our science

Your data

Your predictive screening model will only be as good as the data and techniques it's built with.

We use a combination of behavioral science, data science and 

computer science to find the hidden drivers of success in your employee data.

When someone new applies to join your team, they get matched to this 'pattern of success'. Your model instantly tells you who is likely to be a good hire and who isn't.

As you know, every business is unique. 

The reason people stay with your company isn't necessarily the same as why they stay with your competitor.

And just because a candidate fit in to your competitors culture, it doesn't mean they will fit in with yours. 

That's why all our predictive screening models are built on your company data. This way you can be confident your model will find the people that fit best in your team, not your competitors.

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Artificial intelligence for Human Resources

PredictiveHire is a team of data scientists, organisational psychologists and recruitment experts who’ve joined together on a mission to change the way recruitment is done, by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. 

We believe all people decisions should be based on data and analytics – not gut feeling. With the help of technology, we want to level the candidate playing field and help reduce unconscious biases in the hiring process.

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